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Drying professional 4-element professional hot blast stove S-2000

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Fan embedded ternary indirect heat exchanger unit integrates fan, filter, combustion, (electricity, heat conducting oil, steam, etc.) and heat exchange device, which is collectively referred to as ternary hot blast stove.

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SYL. Series fan embedded ternary indirect heat exchange unit is built in Yancheng Jinming Coating Co., LTD. Based on the series of modular renewal of circulating air heat exchange products, set fan, filter, combustion, (electricity, heat conduction oil, steam, etc.) and heat exchange device as a whole, collectively referred to as the ternary hot blast stove.

Bridge drying room JM-900-1
heat exchanger1

It receives the ESH. Series of high efficiency, energy saving, safety and other advantages, so that the hot air source quality is higher, the overall structure is more in line with the trend of modernization.

This product was officially put into market and mass production at the end of 2014. Several years of operation and practice have made SYL. The series heat exchanger units have been approved by the majority of users and recommended by the major domestic design institutes, and become the new leading products with international standards in the field of hot air drying and heating, especially in the coating drying lines of automobiles, locomotives, motorcycles and agricultural vehicles.

Scope of Application

1. Widely used in automobile, motorcycle, locomotive, plastic parts, bumper and other coating production lines.
2. Widely used in refrigerator, air conditioner, chassis and other home appliances coating production line.
3. Used for hot air drying of grain, seafood, wood, self-adhesive and so on.

Technical Features

1. Good overall performance
2. High heat exchange efficiency
3. Fast temperature rise
4. Low energy consumption
5. Complete models
6. Good safety performance
7. Easy to operate
Used for all kinds of workpiece painting, other models can be customized.

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