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Dusting paint painting production line

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Coating production line mainly by pretreatment electrophoresis line (electrophoretic paint is the earliest developed water-based coating, its main characteristics are high coating efficiency, economic safety, less pollution, can achieve complete automation management. Pretreatment is required before coating electrophoretic paint), sealing bottom coating line, middle coating line, surface coating line, finishing line and its drying system.

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Coating production line mainly by pretreatment electrophoresis line (electrophoretic paint is the earliest developed water-based coating, its main characteristics are high coating efficiency, economic safety, less pollution, can achieve complete automation management. Pretreatment is required before coating electrophoretic paint), sealing bottom coating line, middle coating line, surface coating line, finishing line and its drying system. The whole conveying system of the painting production line adopts the mechanized conveying mode combining air suspension and ground skid, which runs smoothly, quickly and conveniently. PLC controlled programming is adopted, and the programming control is implemented according to the actual requirements of th e production process.

The whole drying system design of coating production line refers to the design concept and parameters of foreign countries, using high quality stainless steel mesh chain transport, smooth operation, drying chamber body adopts bridge structure (except sealed bottom coating furnace), to ensure the uniformity and stability of furnace temperature, improve the efficiency of heat energy; The heating device has introduced the products of Comaike Company in Canada, and the imported burner and control system are selected. After testing, the drying system runs well and stably, and the temperature curve is smooth and continuous.

The seven components of the coating line mainly include: pre-treatment equipment, dusting system, painting equipment, oven, heat source system, electric control system, suspension conveyor chain, etc.

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Pre-treatment equipment

 Spray type multi-station pre-treatment unit is a common surface treatment equipment, its principle is to use mechanical scouring to accelerate the chemical reaction to complete oil removal, phosphating, washing and other processes. The typical process of spray pretreatment of steel parts is: pre-degreasing, degreasing, water washing, water washing, surface adjustment, phosphating, water washing, water washing, water washing. Shot blasting cleaning machine can also be used for pre-treatment, which is suitable for steel parts with simple structure, serious corrosion, no oil or less oil. And no water pollution.

Powder spraying system

Small cyclone + filter element recovery device in powder spraying is a more advanced powder recovery device with faster color change. The key part of dusting system is recommended to choose imported products, dusting room, electric machinery lifts and other parts are all made in China.

Paint spraying equipment

 Such as oil spray paint room, water curtain spray paint room, widely used in bicycles, car leaf springs, large loaders surface coating.


Oven is one of the important equipments in coating production line, and its temperature uniformity is an important index to guarantee coating quality. Oven heating methods are: radiation, hot air circulation and radiation + hot air circulation, according to the production program can be divided into single room and through type, equipment form straight-through type and bridge type. Hot air circulation oven has good heat preservation, uniform temperature and less heat loss. After testing, the temperature difference in the furnace is less than ±3oC, reaching the performance indexes of similar products in advanced countries.

The heat source system

Hot air circulation is a common heating method, which uses the principle of convection conduction to heat the oven and achieve the drying and curing of the workpiece. Heat source can be selected according to user's specific situation: electricity, steam, gas or oil, etc. Heat source box can be set according to the oven: placed on the top, bottom and side. If the circulating fan of production heat source is specially made to withstand high temperature, it has the advantages of long life, low energy consumption, low noise and small volume.

Electric control system

The electric control of coating and coating line has centralized and single - column control. Centralized control can use programmable logic controller (PLC) to control the host, according to the control program for the preparation of automatic control of each process, data acquisition and monitoring alarm. Single row control is the most commonly used control mode in coating production line, each process single row control, electric control box (cabinet) is set near the equipment, low cost, intuitive operation, convenient maintenance.

Suspension chain

Suspension machine is a conveying system of industrial assembly line and coating line. The integrated suspension machine is used in L= 10-14m storage shelves and special-shaped alloy steel pipe coating line for street lamps. The workpiece is hoisted on a special hanger (bearing capacity up to 500-600kg), and the entrance and exit turnout is smooth. The switch is opened and closed by electrical control according to the working instructions, so as to meet the automatic transmission of the workpiece in each processing station. The parallel product cooling is placed in the strong cooling chamber and the next part area, and the hanger identification and traction alarm stop device is set in the strong cooling area.

The process flow

Coating production line process is divided into: pretreatment, dusting coating, heating curing.

Application characteristics

Application features of coating line engineering
Coating line equipment is suitable for painting and plastic spraying of workpiece surface. It is mainly used for painting of single piece or small batch of workpiece. It can cooperate with hanging conveyor, electric rail trolley, ground conveyor and other conveying machinery to form transportation operation.

Engineering process layout

1. Spray line: on the conveying chain - spray - drying (10min, 180℃-220℃) - cooling - the next part.
2. Paint line, conveyor chain, electrostatic dust removal, primer, flow ping - paint - flow flat - drying (30 min, 80 ℃) - cooling - the pieces.
Paint spraying mainly oil spray paint room, water curtain spray paint room, widely used in bicycle, car leaf spring, large loader surface coating.

Used for all kinds of workpiece painting, other models can be customized.

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