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Environmental protection auto professional paint room-s-700

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The paint room is composed of chamber body, lighting device, air filtration system, air supply system, exhaust system, paint mist treatment system, electric control system, safety protection device and so on.

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Description of the main structure of the spray paint room

The paint room is composed of chamber body, lighting device, air filtration system, air supply system, exhaust system, paint mist treatment system, electric control system, safety protection device and so on.

The chamber body

Paint chamber chamber body is fully closed structure, mainly composed of wall panels, workpiece entry, pedestrian safety door and bottom grille. Chamber body strength, stability, impact resistance, shock resistance and so on have reached the national or relevant industry standards. The sealing property is also quite good, in the painting, drying, can effectively prevent dust escape, ensure the outdoor working environment clean, never pollute the outdoor environment.

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Wall panel: Rock wool board and 5mm toughened glass.
Folding door: the chamber body is through-type, and there is a folding door at the entrance and exit of the workpiece, which is composed of door plate, hinge, handle, etc. The effective size of the door is (width x height) mm: 3000 x2400.

Pedestrian Safety Door
In order to facilitate the observation of indoor operation, and also to facilitate the access of operators in normal or emergency situations, a safety door is set on the side of the spray chamber body to open to the outside of the chamber. Pressure lock and toughened glass observation window are set on the safety door to ensure that the safety door can automatically open and relieve pressure when the pressure in the chamber exceeds the standard.

Static pressure flow equalizing layer: it is equipped with static pressure flow equalizing chamber, top filter and top net, which can make the air flow evenly and rapidly spread and precise filtration.
Static pressure equalizing chamber, high 400mm. The air conditioning air from the air supply system enters the static pressure chamber evenly through the air supply pipe, so that the air flow and pressure are evenly distributed. Between the hydrostatic chamber and the operation room, there are special C-type steel roof mesh (which can better prevent dust from falling) and high-efficiency filter cotton. After the wind passes through the filter cotton, the airflow flows to the operation room more smoothly and avoids the phenomenon of turbulence.

Bottom grille: there are two trenches in the room, and one trench is set on the two sides of the workpiece. In order to facilitate the paint mist generated during the painting can be quickly taken away by the air, the spray room uses the trench as the exhaust tunnel, carries out the horizontal exhaust tunnel foundation construction evenly along the length direction, and sets the paint mist filter cotton under the Geshan on the horizontal exhaust tunnel for paint mist collection and processing.
The grating is welded with 40×4 flat steel and ø8 twisted steel by our company and painted after processing. Considering the convenient maintenance of equipment, each grille not more than 1m2, 30Kg ≯ weight, easy to remove and cleaning.

Lighting device: 36W explosion-proof daylight lamps are selected for indoor lighting in the spray room. 8 sets of lighting lamps (36W×4) are installed at the top Angle of 45° on the two sides of the room body, and 7 sets of lighting lamps (36W×4) are installed vertically on the two sides of the waist to meet the requirement of illumination ≥600LUX in the spray area.

The lamps and lanterns are installed in accordance with the national standard GB14444-2006 "Painting work safety regulations spray room safety technical provisions" and 1 (Q-2) fire, explosion-proof requirements.

Air filtration system

Cleanliness is an important indicator to measure the quality of spray room, which is guaranteed by the air purification system. The air purification system of the spray room adopts ⅱ stage filtration, that is, the form of the combination of primary filtration (inlet filtration) and sub-efficient filtration (top filtration). The primary effect filter cotton is made of domestic high-quality non-woven cotton, made into bags, set in the fresh air outlet of the air supply unit, this filter form can reduce the wind resistance, increase the dust capacity, reduce the number of replacement; The top filter material is arranged at the bottom of the air supply duct and supported by the top mesh, which is high-quality C-type steel structure and treated with galvanization and rust prevention, with good stiffness, no rust and easy to replace the top cotton.

The air supply filter layer in the chamber is precision sub-high efficiency filter cotton. The filter layer adopts the high quality and high efficiency filter cotton, with a large amount of flame retardant, let dust and high filtration efficiency, etc. The filter cotton for multilayer structure, of which the oily sandwich has a very high adhesion strength, to ensure clean air at dust quantity 100% more than 10 microns in diameter dust particle filter, dust particle diameter 3 to 10 microns dust concentration of not more than 100 / cm3, At the same time, the filter cotton can also play the role of air pressure.

Main technical indexes of air filter cotton
Filter cotton model thickness initial resistance final resistance capture rate dust capacity flame retardant capacity.
Cc-550g 20mm 19Pa 250Pa 98% 419g/m² F-5 standard.

Air supply system

The air supply system of spray room adopts up and down suction, which is mainly composed of air supply unit and air supply pipe. The air supply unit is arranged on the side of the chamber body.
The air supply unit configuration (1 set of air supply unit) : The air supply unit is composed of fresh air inlet, primary filtering, air conditioning fan, electric damper and closed box.
◆ Initial effect filter: it is composed of profile filter frame and plate initial effect filter cotton, this kind of structure has low wind resistance and large dust capacity, the filter material is made of domestic high quality non-resistant cotton, which can effectively capture dust particles with diameters greater than 15μm.
◆ Blower: YDW double inlet air conditioning centrifugal fan with large air volume and low noise made by Yancheng with Siemens technology is selected. Rubber damping device is provided at the bottom of the fan.
The spray chamber controls the load wind speed at 0.3m/s. The air supply is 32500m3/h.
The main technical parameters of the fan are as follows:
Machine number: YDW 4.0M0
Traffic: 10000 m3 / h
Speed: 930 r/min
The total pressure: 930 pa
Power: 4KW/set
Unit: 2 sets
◆ Fan base: the frame is welded with channel steel and Angle steel industrial profiles. The surrounding wall is made of 50mm rock wool board, which carries the weight and vibration of the fan and has good noise reduction effect. The fan base and exhaust fan base are assembled to facilitate disassembly and maintenance.

Exhaust system

It is mainly composed of exhaust fan, exhaust fan seat, exhaust pipe and air valve.
Exhaust fan: The spray room is equipped with a set of exhaust units. The exhaust unit has a built-in 4-82 type centrifugal fan with low noise, large air volume, low energy consumption and high pressure head, which can discharge the exhaust gas processed by paint mist and dust adsorption and filtration into the air. Main technical parameters of selecting a single exhaust fan are as follows:
Machine number: 4-82 7.1E
Traffic: 22000 m3 / h
Speed: 1400 r/min
The total pressure: 1127 pa
Power: 7.5Kw/ set
Unit: 1 set
 Exhaust fan base: The frame is welded with channel steel and Angle steel industrial profiles, and the box body around is made of 50mm rock wool board, bearing the weight and working vibration of 1 exhaust fan and reducing noise.
Exhaust pipe: 1.2mm high quality galvanized sheet and Q235-A Angle steel processing combination.
Air valve: Manual air valve is set on the exhaust pipe to adjust the positive and negative indoor pressure.

Paint mist treatment system

Dry treatment is adopted, that is, the first tile glass fiber filter felt is set at the lower part of the chamber body tunnel and supported by mesh frame; The second glass fiber filter felt is set at the outlet of the exhaust fan to ensure that the cleaning rate of paint mist reaches more than 95%, in line with GB16297-1996 "Comprehensive Emission standard of Air pollutants".

Activated carbon treatment system

Under the exhaust fan is equipped with environmental protection box, strong absorption of organic matter. Dry treatment is adopted, that is, the harmful waste gas is adsorbed and purified by activated carbon, so that the waste gas after treatment meets the provisions of GB16297-1996 "Comprehensive Emission Standard of Air Pollutants". Activated carbon adsorption method is the use of activated carbon as adsorbent, the harmful substances in the gas on the large solid surface of activated carbon adsorption concentration, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying waste gas method. It has the advantages of high processing efficiency, solvent recycling, small investment and so on. The organic waste gas needs to be pretreated so as not to affect the adsorption capacity.

Other specifications can be customized.

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