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Technical documents

Sandblasting room scheme description

1. Equipment use:  

This equipment is to clean the workpiece surface, strengthen, rust removal, eliminate internal stress, increase paint adhesion, etc., through shot peening cleaning, improve the fatigue strength of the workpiece, and finally achieve the purpose of improving the steel surface and internal quality.  

The equipment for the structure is particularly complex, through shot blasting can not be cleaned up once the dead corner of the workpiece, can be treated by shot peening, to ensure the surface of the workpiece cleaning quality.  

The device has compact structure and reasonable design.  The introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad, combined with the company for many years in the shot peening cleaning equipment design and production of practical experience design, with high efficiency and energy saving, shot peening, high speed, wearing parts of long life, convenient maintenance, safe and reliable characteristics.

Technical documents1

Ii. Equipment working environment:  

1, power supply voltage: AC380/3 50Hz  

2, compressed air consumption: 6.3m3/min, 0.5 ~ 0.7mpa  

Iii. Main technical performance parameters of the equipment:  

1, the maximum size of the workpiece: 17000*3500*2000mm.  

2, clean indoor net size: 20000×10000×7000m  

3. Hoist  

(1) Lifting amount: 20t/h  

(2) Power rate: 4Kw  

8. Separator:  

(1) Separation amount: 20t/h  

(2) Wind speed in separation area: 4 ~ 5m/s  

9, bottom screw conveyor :( longitudinal platform A)  

(1) Model: LS250  

(2) Throughput: 20T /h  

(3) Motor power: 5.5KW  

10, bottom screw conveyor :( longitudinal platform B)  

(1) Model: LS250  

(2) Throughput: 20T /h  

(3) Motor power: 5.5KW  

11, shot peening device:  

(1) Model: KPBDR1760  

(2) Storage tank volume: 0.4m3  

(3) Shot peening amount: 1500 ~ 1900kg/h  

(4) Working mode: continuous spraying  

(5) Control mode: manual control  

(6) Number of spray guns: 2  

(7) Diameter of nozzle: φ 12mm  

(8) Nozzle air consumption: 6.5m3 /min  

(9) Working medium: sand, steel shot, air  

12. Sand transport device:  

Control gate working pressure: 0.6~ 0.8mpa  

13. Dust collector:  

(1) Dust collector model: LT-56  

(2) Dust removal efficiency: 99.5%  

(3) Dust removal fan: 4-72-8C 22KW  

(4) Air volume: 2000m3/h  

(5) Dust emission: ≤100mg/ m3  

14. Total power: about 60Kw  

15. Amount of sand for the first time: 2t  

16. Rust removal quality grade: SA2.5GB8923-88  

17, equipment lighting system: ≥ 240LUX  

18. Air source device: air source with more than 6.5m3/min and working pressure of 0.6-0.8mpa (provided by users).  

Iv. Equipment Configuration Description:  

The equipment is composed of: cleaning room, shot collecting hopper, bottom spiral feeder (two), hoist, separator, shot feeding control system, shot peening system, workpiece conveying trolley, platform railing, indoor lighting system, electrical control system and so on.  

1. Clean welding components of the chamber body:  

Chamber size: 20000×10000×7000㎜, steel structure skeleton using 150×100×4, 100×100×4, 50×50×4 square tube and δ=5, δ=12 steel plate production (buyer);  The lower warehouse is made of δ=5 steel plate, the channel steel is strengthened, and the upper part is laid with grid plate;  The grating plate is made of flat steel.  

1. The door of the chamber body adopts the front and rear open-type door.  Ensure that the longer parts of the shot peening, the inside of the door with wear-resistant rubber protective board laid, its bottom and the ground contact place also uses wear-resistant rubber, so as to protect the door is not broken, and effectively prevent steel shot outside the bomb, fly out of wounding.  

2. Workpiece conveying system  

The workpiece conveying system is composed of rail and conveying trolley.  The trolley can not only move in a straight line along the track, but also bring the workpiece into the shot blasting room on the inclined frame of the trolley to ensure that the workpiece can be effectively cleaned in the projectile area.  

3. Hoist  

The machine is flat belt driven bucket type, the shell is welded to form, used to lift the pellet dust mixture sent by the lower screw conveyor to the top of the machine.  The main driving wheel of the elevator adopts big belt wheel to increase friction, and the lower wheel adopts squirrel cage anti-sand, anti-slip and anti-deviation. The driving belt runs smoothly and reliably, and effectively extends the service life of the belt.  

4. Separator  

The function of the separator is to separate recyclable pellets from the mixture. The effect of the separator directly affects the cleaning effect, the service life of wearing parts and the consumption of pellets.  The separator of the equipment is composed of a chute, a spiral drum screen and a sorting chamber. The pellet and dust mixture raised by the bucket lifting machine enter the chute of the separator, separated through the spiral drum screen, and then sent to the hopper after air separation, to ensure the normal operation of the spray gun.  

5, bottom screw conveyor  

The lower part of the cleaning room is equipped with a screw conveyor, which will drop the pellet dust mixture from the funnel into the bottom of the elevator, and lift it to the material sorting conveyor by the elevator.  In order to reduce the depth of the pit, the equipment adopts two vertical and horizontal screw conveyors to ensure the normal circulation of the shot.  

6. Shot delivery pipeline  

The shot feeding pipeline has dual functions, each gate is provided with a gate to adjust the shot peening flow to achieve the shot blasting effect, at the same time under the gate to control the opening and closing.  Thus, the loss of shot material caused by unnecessary shot peening is reduced.  

7. Dust removal system  

Because shot peening is carried out in a sealed cleaning room, therefore, the environment of shot peening room is a very important technical index, which is directly related to the health of the operator.  Therefore, the equipment is specially equipped with efficient dust removal system, using high-power induced draft fan.  When working, when the door of the chamber body is closed, a certain negative pressure is formed to extract the dusty gas in the chamber body for filtration.  The equipment adopts the current international advanced pulse backblowing filter cartridge dust collector, using secondary filtration treatment, the clean dust after filtering dust discharge, its dust emission concentration is less than 100 mg/m3, to meet the national emission standards.  

8. Shot peening system:  

In order to prevent the negative Angle of the workpiece due to the complex surface shot blasting, the equipment is equipped with a shot peening system, which is used to spray the negative Angle part to ensure the surface treatment quality of the workpiece.  

9. Lighting system:  

Because the injection is manual shot blasting in the room, so the room must have a certain luminosity.  The equipment is equipped with 10 lights on the top of the chamber body to ensure that all parts of the interior work have enough lighting.  The average indoor illumination is greater than 240Lux, the light box is made of toughened glass to ensure that the bulb will not be hit by the steel shot, the frame of the light box is connected with rivets between the chamber body, and the contact with the chamber body is made of 1.5mm thick wear-resistant foam coated with sealant, so as to ensure that the indoor dust will not enter the light box and affect the lighting.  

10. Electrical control system  

Electrical control system adopts conventional panel centralized automatic control, high degree of automation, reliable operation, convenient maintenance.  

The power supply adopts three-phase four-wire system 380V±20V 50HZ  

The pellet circulation part of the system adopts interlock control, the equipment can only be operated in sequence, its purpose is to prevent the pellet blockage caused by misoperation during the pellet circulation.  In the selection of components, all choose domestic famous brand delixi products.  

V. Scope of supply:  

1, the chamber body  

2. 1 set of sand collecting hopper in lower warehouse:  

3, chamber body lower warehouse grid plate :( flat steel welding production, the upper part of the wear-resistant rubber sand leakage board laid)  

4, bottom longitudinal screw conveyor 4 sets:  

5. 1 bucket lifting machine:  

6, sand separator :( drum sieve separator) 1  

7, sand blasting system :( 1 air storage tank, 2 spray guns, 2 sets of protective work clothes)  

8, dust collector: LT-56 pulse filter cartridge dust collector (ventilation pipe pipe, etc.)  

9, electrical control system: electrical control cabinet, wire, cable, etc  

Technical documents delivered with the equipment: operation manual, electrical schematic diagram, general layout and installation diagram of the equipment, and basic diagram of the equipment.  

Vi. Delivery date and payment terms  

1. Delivery time: Within 60 days after signing the economic contract.  

2. Terms of payment: 30% advance payment after the contract comes into effect, 60% and 10% payment before delivery, and the warranty period shall be paid within 3 months.  

Vii. Contents to be borne by the Demander:  

1. One week before the arrival of the supplier’s equipment, the demander shall prepare the equipment foundation and house construction according to the foundation drawing provided by the supplier, and make preparations before the installation of the equipment, and supply electricity and gas in place.  

Air source requirements: exhaust volume 6.5m3/min, exhaust pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.7mpa  

2. The demander shall provide lifting equipment to ensure the normal use of timely unloading and installation.  

3. Provide the welding, gas cutting and other tools needed by the supplier for installation, and provide accommodation for the installation personnel.  

4, sidewalk anti-skateboard and high workpiece shot peening escalator to be prepared by the buyer.  

Viii. Supplier commitment:  

1) Within one day after the supply contract comes into effect and the advance payment is received, the supplier shall provide one copy of the equipment process flow chart and one copy of the equipment installation foundation drawing, and provide technical guidance for the equipment foundation construction according to the needs of users;  

(2) The warranty period is within 6 months after the equipment is accepted and delivered to Party A (wearing parts and wear-resistant parts are not within the warranty scope).  Any manufacturing and installation quality problems in the warranty period belong to the scope of the supplier’s free warranty (except artificial damage).  

(3) Parts damage and other equipment accidents caused by Improper use of Party A can be repaired by the Supplier after confirmation by both parties, and the expenses shall be borne by Party A.  

(4) In case of major failure of the equipment, the supplier’s maintenance personnel shall arrive at Party A within 24 hours to troubleshoot the failure together with Party A.  

(5) The supplier shall provide training, lectures and on-site guidance to party A’s maintenance and operation personnel free of charge.  

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