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Room of the lacquer that bake

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This product is used for painting drying, powder curing and all kinds of drying equipment, the characteristics of this product is safe, environmental protection, energy saving and so on.

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It is mainly composed of chamber body, heat exchange device, heat circulation air duct, exhaust air duct and flue gas emission system.

Drying room is designed with electric door, the workpiece into the furnace, electric door closed. The heating unit is placed on the steel platform at the top of the chamber.

Structure description

The equipment is mainly composed of chamber body, indoor circulating air duct, electric gate, heating unit, smoke exhaust device and other parts.

Chamber structure

The chamber body adopts square tube as steel frame structure. The inner wall of the chamber is made of 1.5mm aluminized plate and 0.5mm galvanized corrugated plate, and the middle is filled with 150 thick rock wool insulation layer (rock wool weight 80-100kg /m3). The overall appearance is beautiful and the heat preservation effect is good. At the same time with expansion section, to ensure the drying room thermal expansion and cold contraction needs.

Indoor air duct

The chamber body of drying furnace adopts convection heating and adopts the structure of lower air supply and upper air return.

The hot air in the heating section enters the inner cavity and is sent to the drying passage through the air supply pipe. The return air adopts adjustable air plate to balance the air volume and pressure. The chamber body insulation section adopts uniform flow air supply structure, after passing through the filter, into the passage, the return air structure is the same as the heating section return air structure. The air duct of drying furnace is made of 1.2mm aluminized plate.

A temperature sensor is arranged on the top of the side of the chamber to detect the temperature of each working area in the room.

External air duct

The hot air circulation duct is connected with the drying room and the heat exchanger, and a temperature sensor is arranged on the circulation air road, which is used to detect the air temperature of the air supply and return ports of the drying room. The material of air duct is the same as that of indoor air duct. The exhaust gas is extracted from the drying chamber by the exhaust fan and fed into the incinerator, and discharged to the atmosphere through the heat exchanger.

Heating device

The heating device is composed of natural gas combustion unit, exhaust air diversion device, heating pipeline and chimney.
Natural gas combustion units
It consists of automatic ignition device, regulating valve, pipeline and so on.
combustion furnace
1. By the combustion chamber, burner, heat exchanger, high temperature filter, insulation layer, shell, saddle, etc. The outer part of the incinerator end is provided with: high pressure ignition coil, flame detector, flame peeper and compressed air cooling device, combustor pressure monitoring (differential pressure meter), leak detection alarm.
The burner adopts double - stage fire burner.
δ3mmSUS304 steel plate is used in the combustion chamber and δ2mm SUS304 steel plate is used in the heat exchanger.
2. The drying furnace heating system does not have waste gas incineration device, and the waste gas is introduced into the professional waste gas treatment device. The heating device adopts centralized heat exchange, filtration and circulation fan as the whole four-element device, and the centrifugal fan is high-temperature resistant embedded type. Fresh air and final incineration gas are heated and sent to the entrance and exit of the drying room.
3. The structure design of the combustion chamber and heat exchanger has the degree of freedom of thermal expansion, and a temperature sensor is arranged on the cylinder body of the combustion chamber. The heating pipeline is composed of high temperature air duct, heat resistant steel bellows expansion joint, sliding air duct hanger, linkage electric air valve and temperature and pressure monitoring device.
4. High temperature air duct adopts heat resistant steel plate sealing welding structure, segmented manufacturing and installation; Except for the parts considered for maintenance, the rest of the air duct flange interface adopts sealing welding, and the sealing material used in the flange connection surface of the maintenance part shall be resistant to high temperature aging.
5. The chimney will exhaust the oven exhaust gas and flue gas to a position 3m higher than any air intake on the roof of the factory (the specific height meets the requirements of environmental protection). The bottom of the chimney shall be provided with a pipe for discharging rainwater.

heat exchanger1
Ternary heater

Smoke exhaust device

The inlet and outlet of the chamber body is equipped with a smoke exhaust hood to prevent hot air leakage when the workpiece is in and out, affecting the workshop environment. The smoke exhaust fan adopts high-temperature axial flow fan, the smoke exhaust hood is made of 1.2 thick galvanized sheet, and the height of the exhaust pipe is 15 meters (out of the roof).

Steel platform

The repair room is provided with a steel platform on the upper part of the chamber body, where heating unit and air curtain device are placed. The steel platform is made of profile welding, and the platform is provided with a maintenance ladder.
Used for all kinds of workpiece painting, other models can be customized.

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