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Zeolite wheel adsorption concentration

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Zeolite runner is the concentration of large air volume, low concentration of waste gas to high concentration, small air volume of waste gas, so as to reduce equipment investment costs and operating costs, improve the efficient treatment of VOC waste gas. In the treatment of large air volume, low concentration of waste gas combustion and recovery, if there is no zeolite wheel, direct combustion, exhaust gas treatment equipment is not only huge, but also the operating cost will be very large.

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Basic principles

The basic principle of zeolite wheel structure 

Zeolite wheel adsorption concentration1

The concentration zone of zeolite runner can be divided into treatment zone, regeneration zone and cooling zone. The concentration runner runs continuously in each zone.

VOC organic exhaust gas passes through the pre-filter and through the treatment area of the concentrator runner unit. In the treatment area, VOCs are removed by adsorbent adsorption, and the purified air is discharged from the treatment range of the concentration wheel.

Adsorbed in the concentration of organic exhaust gas VOCs in the runner, in the regeneration area by hot air treatment and desorbed, concentrated to 5-15 times the degree.

The condensing runner is cooled in the cooling area, and then heated by the air in the cooling area is used as recycled air to achieve the effect of energy saving.

Zeolite runner equipment features

1. High adsorption and desorption efficiency.
2. Zeolite runner adsorption VOCs produced by the pressure drop is very low, can greatly reduce power consumption.
3. Make the original high air volume, low concentration of VOCs exhaust gas, converted into low air volume, high concentration of exhaust gas, concentration of 5-20 times, greatly reduce the post-treatment equipment specifications, lower operating cost.
4. The overall system adopts modular design, with minimum space requirements, and provides continuous and unmanned control mode.
5. System automation control, single button start, simple operation, and can be matched with man-machine interface monitoring important operation data.

Zeolite runner and honeycomb activated carbon adsorption concentration device comparison: zeolite content directly determines the adsorption efficiency, so the zeolite content is very important. The purity of zeolite is as high as 90%.

Suitable for all kinds of industrial waste gas treatment

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