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Hardware parts dusting production line

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The powder spraying system adopts high voltage electrostatic powder spraying, which is mainly composed of chamber body, recovery device, spraying device and closed chamber.

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Working principle

Working principle: the workpiece powder spraying is electrostatic spraying, the scattered powder can be recovered and reused, so the powder recovery device is set on the side of the powder room. The system adopts the two-stage recovery mode of big cyclone + filter element, which is attracted by the exhaust fan. Some ultrafine powder is filtered when flowing through the filter element with the airflow, and then discharged from the workshop with the discharged air.

1. The powder spraying room is processed with galvanized steel plate of δ1.5mm, and the panels are connected with bolts after folding to ensure that the panels are smooth and crisp; D =120mm strip opening is arranged at the top of the chamber body to make the suspension conveying system run outside the chamber without being polluted by dust.

2. A set of lighting lamps is set on both sides of the powder chamber body, and the lamps are 40W×2 double tube triple anti-fluorescent lamp, which is installed on the top of the operating port.

Dusting paint painting production line1
Dusting paint painting production line2
Dusting paint painting production line3

The powder room is equipped with a set of recovery device, recovery method is big cyclone + filter dual-stage recovery, mainly including big cyclone, filter element, pulse solenoid valve and pulse controller, powder collection box, exhaust fan, etc.; Exhaust fan selection OF BTHF-№630A centrifugal fan, the main technical parameters of the fan: air volume 15500 m³/h, full pressure 2000Pa, speed 2900r/min, motor power 18.5kW.

3. Spraying device
Powder room is equipped with 2 sets of manual spraying machine, high voltage electrostatic spraying machine made in Shanghai spraying machine.

4. Powder room partition: (optional)
During powder spraying, the scattered dust will pollute the surrounding environment to some degree, so a powder room is set up to close and partition, and the workpiece passing through is made into a imitation door. The partition wall is arranged with appropriate glass Windows for lighting, and the partition wall is made of δ50mm rock wool sandwich color board and single layer color board, with beautiful appearance.

According to the workpiece size, other models can be customized.

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