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Integral mobile spray paint room

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The equipment is mainly composed of chamber body, air supply system, air exhaust system, paint mist treatment system, exhaust gas treatment system, walking drive system, lighting system, electric control system and so on.

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The chamber body

The chamber body is composed of skeleton, wall panel, electric rolling curtain door, lighting system, safety side door and other parts.

The chamber body is through type, the whole chamber body skeleton structure is welded into one, forming a steel frame structure, and through anti-rust treatment; The chamber wall panel is assembled structure, all the panels are made of 1.2mm galvanized sheet folding assembly; The wrapping Angle is the whole galvanized sheet bending forming, the wrapping Angle plate and the chamber body skeleton and wall plate are fixed with rivets, rivets distance error is not more than 5mm, to ensure the appearance of neat.

The skeleton: The chamber body should have enough stiffness and corrosion resistance, and has good fire protection, heat preservation performance. The outer chamber body adopts 200×200×3 section steel assembly welding "door" structure, longitudinal use 150×150×3 or 80×40×3, 150×80×3 section steel reinforcement welding.

Wall panel: it is composed of 1.2mm galvanized sheet and 5mm tempered glass. Galvanized plate is assembled structure, point welding is used between the wainscot and the wainscot, and the wainscot joint is sealed with sealant to prevent air leakage. (50mm rock wool board can also be used as wall board).

The top of chamber body: it is equipped with static pressure flow equalizing chamber, top filter and top net, which can make the air flow evenly and rapidly spread and precise filtration. Static pressure equalizing chamber, high 600mm. The air from the air supply system passes through the hydrostatic chamber to evenly distribute the air flow and pressure. Between the hydrostatic chamber and the operation room, there is a special roof net (to better prevent dust falling) and high efficiency filter cotton, after the wind through the filter cotton, the air flow to the operation room is more stable, to avoid the phenomenon of turbulence. Adopt 6 YDW5.6m 5.5KW air conditioning fans for air supply, which are placed on the top of the chamber body.

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Explosion-proof lighting system
Indoor lighting should be good, to ensure the illumination of the spray room, to ensure that there is a good vision. For this reason, 40 groups of 2*36W explosion-proof lighting groups are arranged at the top of the chamber body, and 10 sets of external hanging lighting groups are arranged on both sides of the chamber body on the tempered glass. LED lighting fixtures are used for lighting devices. The lighting system can be divided into four sections, so that the indoor illumination can be adjusted according to the situation.

Paint mist treatment, suction wall, exhaust fan
Dry treatment is adopted, that is, a vertical glass fiber filter felt is set up on one side of the chamber body, and supported by a mesh frame to ensure that the cleaning rate of paint mist reaches more than 95%. The suction wall is arranged on the external side of the chamber body, the size is 12000*800*3000mm, made of 50mm rock wool board, and the suction wall is connected with the exhaust pipe.

Exhaust fan: the spray room is equipped with two sets of exhaust units set at the side of the equipment. The exhaust fan has the advantages of 4-72 centrifugal fans with low noise, large air volume, low energy consumption and high pressure head, which can discharge the exhaust gas processed by paint mist and dust adsorption and filtration into the air. Main technical parameters of selecting a single exhaust fan are as follows:
Machine number: 4-72 10C
Traffic: 40000 m3 / h
Speed: 1600 r/min
The total pressure: 1969 pa
Power: 37Kw/ set
Unit: 2 sets
Exhaust pipe: there are two exhaust pipes on both sides of the spray room, which are divided into 2 fans. The length of exhaust pipe is equal to the moving distance of the spray room. It is made of 1.0mm galvanized sheet. A 90° square circular elbow is left at the outlet of the exhaust fan for easy connection with the exhaust gas treatment device.

Pedestrian wicket
Two sets of safety doors, 800mm wide and 2000mm high, with observation Windows and explosion-proof locks, are set in the appropriate position of the chamber body to facilitate the entry and exit of operators and ensure the evacuation of personnel in case of emergency (when the pressure difference in the room reaches 140Pa).

Electric Gate
A set of electric curtain doors is set at both ends of the spray room. The curtain doors are made of PVC fireproof and flame-retardant cloth. Through the rotation of motor and reducer, the curtain doors are driven up and down. The gate size is 5000*3500mm.

Walking Device
The paint room is driven by 2 motors and reducer, with the power of each motor being 3KW. The track is laid with 15# track steel. The track steel needs to dig the foundation and pre-bury the ground so that the top of the track steel is level with the ground.

Other models support customization

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